League Data and Quber Announce Partnership

League Data and Quber Announce Partnership to Offer Atlantic Credit Union Members an Engaging Tool to Help Them Save Money for What Matters

May 5th, 2017 - Quber Technologies Inc.

League Data and Quber announced today that they have signed an agreement to move forward with a pilot project to provide Atlantic Credit Union members with a unique application that interacts and engages with them to proactively help them manage and save money. 

A successful outcome will enable Atlantic Credit Unions to provide a game-changing savings and financial literacy tool to their members, while leveraging Quber’s technological expertise, rapid integration model, and cost-effective offering.

Financial Institutions of all sizes and across regions face significant challenges in bringing consumer oriented innovative digital products to market.  Consumers are demanding better digital tools to manage money.  Time to deploy these tools to market is critical.

League Data, as the CIO for the Atlantic Credit Unions system, was looking to partner with a lean and agile fintech company to help them shorten development times. 

Quber approached us with a well researched, developed and innovative idea that not only excited us, but fit very well with the credit union system values – we are excited to work through this next phase to see how we can take this product to market. “  Carrie Forbes, Director Strategic Engagement & Innovation, League Data

The Quber team is excited to work with League Data to pilot Quber. We share a common vision to help people proactively save and easily manage money, and we are dedicated to work with League Data to make this the best financial management tool possible for their Atlantic Credit Union members. ”  Jen Leger, Quber Co-Founder

About League Data

League Data is the CIO for Atlantic Credit Unions, serving 51 credit unions at 171 locations across the Atlantic Provinces. Serving their credit unions since 1975, League Data provides enterprise banking technologies and innovative solutions to its members.

About Quber

Quber partners with Financial Institutions to deliver insights to customers on their financial health and spending behaviors, while empowering them to improve their financial situation.  Through sophisticated data analysis, Quber enables Financial Institutions to provide personalized services to engage and delight existing and new customers, while providing financial institutions with cross-selling opportunities targeted to increase customer wealth.  Quber partners with Retailers to provide an added benefit to consumers through Retailer discounts, rewards, and loyalty programs. Quber understands that each customer is different, and learns and adapts over time to provide the best possible individual path to saving money.