Going with the intelligence flow: how Elandas is transforming data for pharma companies


Company Profile:

Who are you? Elandas

What do you do? We create tech to improve intelligence flow in life sciences and to serve up insights so customers can benefit from the data they have.

When did you start business? In 2010 - it came from Ryan’s (CEO Ryan Roberts’) first venture, which was CSO (custom online solutions). We retained the pharma side of this business.

Where do you operate? We’re based out of Saint John, but our clients are all in the U.S.

Why do you do what you do? It’s really about helping our customers and making them more successful. The real reason is that Ryan is passionate and innovative – he cares about creating solutions that will make a big difference for customers. 


Hayley Bohan shares on data, marketing and the life sciences industry

Hayley Bohan, CMO of elandas

Hayley Bohan, CMO of elandas

Hayley Bohan is all about innovation and connecting people. Fortunately for the CMO of Saint John-based elandas, working with an up-and-coming company in the life sciences sector creates an amazing opportunity for the intersection of those two passions.

Since joining the company in September 2014, Hayley has seen significant change in the industry, and the career marketer (and outdoors lover) is very excited about the future!

We spoke with the New Brunswick native to learn more about her, elandas and the realm of life sciences. Here’s what she had to say:

In your view, what’s the most important thing happening in the life sciences space today?

I would say it’s the industry-wide movement towards greater patient centricity: pharma companies building up trust again with patients. It’s a pivotal time for them. 

This shift is causing industry to look at what they’re doing holistically, both internally and externally, where they are looking for collaboration opportunities. They need to bring multiple stakeholders together and multiple layers of intelligence to support the patient and they need to share key insights more easily. For me, bringing internal teams together is a passion. Our technology does this and in doing so, we are helping our customers on their missions.

elandas’ commercial excellence platform

elandas’ commercial excellence platform

What’s the biggest thing people don’t understand about the industry?

I think it is that a lot of people in the industry want to help people. They’re patients too, as are their families. Everyone I’ve met in industry really does care about the people they’re helping and unfortunately, a few negative public challenges the sector encountered has put a negative shadow on the industry as a whole and I don’t think that’s fair.

You’ve been with elandas since 2014: what changes have you seen in that time?

On an industry side, one big change was the consolidation of buying power in the U.S. The emergence of hospital networks is really changing the way they are approaching their commercial models and I think that’s huge. Plus, insurers are now using outcome-based models in determining coverage.

Combined with how customers are changing and how pharma companies are striving to become more patient-centric, the industry is experiencing a massive transition. Patients are also more educated and are taking an active role in their own care.

At elandas, we’ve evolved our product to adapt to the changes our customers are facing. In fact, we completely rebuilt our platform so it’s flexible enough to address the unique challenges each of our customers are facing. We’re pretty modest, but I would say we have one of the most configurable and intelligent systems for ongoing intelligence collection, correlation and sharing in the industry, and our customers’ and growth rate this year supports that. We’ve spent the time to make sure our technology can adapt quickly to changes, so our customers can do the same.

Hayley also related she read an article that resonated deeply: “The change in pharma today is much like the significance of change that the internet had on everything in the 1990s.”

Some of the elandas team members


What can you tell us about your success so far? Where does elandas have clients?

So far, our success has been through organic growth - referrals. We didn't even have a sales team because our organic growth was that significant. Over 70 brands have used technology so far and all of these are world-class companies. 

This year with the rebuild of our platform, we’ve hired our first sales people and can’t believe the opportunities for growth they’ve been able to drum up in such a short time. We’re expecting to see huge growth in the near future!

You’ve had a lot of positions in your career on both the corporate side and the agency side. How have those experiences prepared you for your current role?

The biggest thing is that I’ve been a marketer for my entire career in a regulated industry (alcohol) and I understand marketing inside and out. At elandas, our target audience is marketers, so it helps to be able to speak the same language.

Also, I’ve worked on things with sales and marketing and had positions that were actually designed to unite those disciplines (trade marketing, sales & marketing coordinator), so my mindset is sales and marketing need to work together and our technology facilitates this.

The passion that I have for [uniting sales and marketing] is easily translated into what I’m doing. I’ve also had the opportunity to launch products before, work with some great successful people and I’m able to bring all that learning to this position.

What’s the best thing about being in a startup?

I think it’s the ability to come up with a great idea and to move really quickly on it. Our leadership team is shaping the company and the culture into something that we really believe in and it’s exciting.

From an employee relations standpoint, it’s the best company I’ve ever worked for. Ryan (elandas’ CEO) is passionate about work-life balance, that people are happy, and that they have the right tools and have a flexible work schedule.

It’s really nice to see a real human side of what you can create versus being in an organization where you have lots of bureaucracy. It’s a nice environment and we take a real team approach to solving problems.

Bonus note: The company uses a lower-case “e” in elandas as the original logo had the “e” made to look like a pill. It was cool, so despite having branded since then, they kept it! 

For more information, be sure to check out the Elandas website at http://www.elandas.com

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