Competitive Intelligence: The Key To Sustainable Growth In Atlantic Canada

For over 7 years, Venn Innovation and their partner organizations have been supporting the growth and development of small and medium sized enterprises – from ideation to international expansion. Now, we are thrilled to be helping our companies build staying power with the launch of our Competitive Intelligence (CI) program.  

Workshop Program: Fall 2017

We're kicking off our CI program with our upcoming workshop series! Companies across Atlantic Canada will have the opportunity to learn from world-renown Competitive Intelligence expert, Dr. Jonathan Caloff. With support from ACOA and regional partners NSBI (Nova Scotia), Genesis Centre (Newfoundland and Labrador) and PEI Business Women’s Association (Prince Edward Island), Venn Innovation has launched this educational series with the understanding that companies who can effectively assess risk and opportunity are ultimately able to grow and succeed at much higher rates than those who do not.

These workshops are designed to teach companies to build strategies that consider internal and external factors that will impact their operations. Being intentional and strategic about how competitive intelligence is gathered and utilized can literally mean survival for an organization.

“Companies can’t succeed on great resources, strategy and management alone. They can only succeed if the external environment cooperates with them,” says Dr. Calof.

Applications Are Open!

Companies interested in participating can apply for admission. To learn more or to apply for your spot, you can apply here.