Branding Basics

Mischka met Brittany Pickrem, a creative and artistic graphic designer, at BlogJam 2018, and instantly noticed her passion and warmth. Brittany calls branding “commercial art”, and it’s clear that that’s what she designs. She loves creating things for a purpose, things that will have an impact on the world.


Mischka: Why is branding important?

Brittany: Branding helps give you an identity, it sets you apart from the competition. Without branding, your business is faceless, generic and unremarkable. Branding is also the key to brand loyalty and to establishing a reputation and establishing a memory of quality within your audience and community.

What falls under ‘branding’?

Branding is someone’s perception of you – anything that alters that will impact your brand. And this includes how you show up, your online presence, your wardrobe, how you speak to people and how you treat them, your personality, and your thought leadership. A lot goes into branding – it’s really all encompassing.

Brittany & Mischka at BlogJam 2018.  Photo credit:  Emily Rankin, of Take Note Graphic Design .

Brittany & Mischka at BlogJam 2018.

Photo credit: Emily Rankin, of Take Note Graphic Design.

Are there aspects of branding that businesses don’t think about?

I see a lot of businesses that don’t keep up-to-date photography of themselves, and this impacts their brand. It creates a disconnect and breaks down trust. A lot of businesses don’t understand the importance of wardrobe either. If your brand is really polished and sophisticated and you show up in overalls, there’s a misalignment in what you’re saying. I would also add that brand voice is often missing too – the tone your business takes, how you say things, how you address your customer and the way you make them feel.

What’s the difference between branding and a company’s logo, and why don’t people know the difference?

That’s a good question! A logo is a very tangible, bold, memorable piece of a brand and it’s the biggest, most obvious link. But a brand is made up of many tangible and intangible components that include fonts, colours, photography, and MUCH more. Although a logo is a very important brand element, it's only one element that makes up an entire brand. Because a logo is a somewhat permanent part of any brand, it's easy to make the mistake that the logo is the brand. 

Brittany logo.png

How do you stay consistent with your branding? How do you stay on brand?

You can never go wrong with a brand style guide. It’s the rule book for your brand and it’s what’s going to help you stay consistent, from your website to your letterhead, wardrobe choices, social media, to your business card. It’s the document that keeps you on track.


If you'd like to hear more from Brittany, she is coming to Moncton on 28 February 2019 to deliver a workshop on branding - 'Power Up Your Brand'.  Find out more about Brittany Pickrem and her work, by going to her website where you can also download her free Bold Brand Blueprint.