Frank Kays on InteliSys

Frank Kays, CEO at InteliSys Aviation, is incredibly passionate about airline passenger experiences. He has been involved in the aviation industry in various capacities for the past 20 years. In that time, Frank has had the pleasure of working with more than 80 airlines of all sizes and business models.

Frank Kays , CEO of InteliSys Aviation Systems

Frank Kays, CEO of InteliSys Aviation Systems


Venn: What was the inspiration behind starting InteliSys?

Frank: I’m not actually the founder, but have been part of InteliSys for almost 20 years and after all that time I can no longer remember what inspired me to become part of this amazing journey. All I know is that I continue to be inspired by the airlines I am privileged to work with on a daily basis, some of who have been with InteliSys for the 30+ years we have been around.

Today, what really excites me, is creating an exceptional passenger experience. There are so many opportunities in this space to make things better – better for our airlines, for the communities they operate in, and for the travelling passengers. We see so many opportunities for our clients and our industry, and we strive to make sure our airlines are in all markets globally, that they are selling everywhere, and that they are not leaving revenue on the table.

What does your InteliSys do?

InteliSys Aviation is an established leader in information technology, specializing in cutting-edge software solutions for airlines around the globe. InteliSys Aviation's amelia software suite helps airlines grow by cutting their costs and boosting their revenues. More than 45 airlines and millions of passengers in every major geographic region of the world depend on InteliSys’ software to facilitate their air travel needs in the simplest, fastest, and most effective ways possible.

InteliSys is headquartered in New Brunswick with a team of more than 70 worldwide. The company has expanded substantially in the last few years, with InteliSys' airline software competing on a global stage. The motto at InteliSys is "Never Settle" and the InteliSys team lives that every day. We know that to be world-class today, does not guarantee that we will be world-class tomorrow. We’re determined to keep thinking of new ways to create exceptional passenger experiences and aid in our airline client's ongoing successes and growth, while continuing to drive change both internally and in the market.

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How are you innovating your industry?

The rapidly changing aviation industry is one of the most competitive industries in the world. Passenger expectations are constantly evolving, the way people browse and book trips is changing, and the way airlines measure value is much different than what it used to be.

It’s important to our team to find new ways of making passengers happy while encouraging growth and financial success for our airline clients. Because of this, our company takes an outside-in view of the industry; looking at passenger trends and finding solutions to better serve passengers, versus looking at emerging technologies and finding a reason to apply them to an airline.

In December of 2017, InteliSys officially moved fully to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud, making InteliSys the first Passenger Service System provider in the competitive sphere to offer a 100% cloud-based system. The AWS cloud move was a very important strategic move for InteliSys:

- it allows us to host in various locations around the world, offering airline clients better support and reliability, excellent security, increased capacity, and more responsive speeds worldwide; and

- it aligns with our goal of expanding geographically in addition to increasing passenger numbers for our current airline clients by providing strategic advantages over other airlines in their competitive markets.

We made the decision to invest in this digital opportunity and move our entire system to the AWS cloud with our airline clients top of mind. By partnering with Amazon, a leader in the data hosting field, we were able to facilitate the growth of our airline clients as well as our own company growth.

What is special and unique about the company?

We are proud to have a company full of world-class team members working to propel the aviation industry forward. Our team members are talented and skilled enough to work anywhere in the world, but many of them choose to call New Brunswick home. Our company is special and unique, because we work in a global arena with offices spread across the globe. Our headquarters could be anywhere in the world, but we are based right here in New Brunswick.

Within the aviation industry, our company is unique, and we stand out because we are blazing our own path and not following the trend that many in our industry are: consolidation. With private equity money flowing into our space, there has been a push for providers to own the entire vertical stack of software. This is a trend that we are not following.

We have decided to take a best-of-breed approach; focusing on our core products and our area of expertise: passenger and cargo solutions. Through this approach, we are able to bring a complete solution to our airlines that best suits them, rather than trying to impose our full-stack on their requirements and unique business models. We are excited to be one of the few companies left in the industry using this strategy. Our open platform gives airlines the freedom to do more and allows us to partner with world-class systems that bring in maximum value for our airlines.

In building this open system, we are becoming the industry leader for non-alliance and start-up airlines around the world. We have many years of experience helping some of the world’s best low-cost carriers (LCCs) and regional carriers to grow, and we have dived into working with legacy carriers the past few years. This experience has helped us to develop premier features to support LCC, regional and legacy models at the right price point. We provide airlines with the tools they need to build anything they want, as well as the capacity to continue changing their offerings to fit their unique plans as they grow. We are incredibly confident that our customized solution brings the best of all worlds together and fits non-alliance and startup airlines better than any other solution.

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