My Venn Graduation: Not Goodbye, But The Start of My Journey

As I sit at my desk writing my last assignment for Venn I am thankful for the opportunities that have arisen since I began 14 weeks ago. From meeting J. Kelly Hoey to having my ad placed in the paper, I can honestly say that Venn has helped me grow into who I am today. My experience here has been helpful towards my future and has given me insight into the business world. If Dave and Mischka hadn’t decided to take time out of their day to teach me, I would have never started my own business, met mentors, or had a clear vision of how I want my future to play out.

Ryan handling registration at our breakfast event with Kelly Hoey

Ryan handling registration at our breakfast event with Kelly Hoey


“Internship experience can help millennials determine if they really want to go into the field they’ve chosen. Figuring out you hate a particular job as an intern has a much lower cost than when you have started full-time employment and have student loan bills knocking down your door. Time is a valuable resource to young adults. Don’t waste it by waiting for a full-time job to figure out what kind of work you are wired for,” says Kaytie Zimmerman, writer for Forbes.

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Throughout my 14 weeks at Venn, I became more familiar with my passion for design. I have heard stories from past classmates doing their co-op class explain that they worked hard all four years of high school in science to become a nurse, then discovered in a co-op class that they can’t handle blood; which is why a cooporative education class that allows you to explore the field of your interest first hand is so important.

I enjoyed my time here, and I know that my decision to go into marketing was the right choice for me. I also know that I’m leaving the office today with networking skills I am proud of, and a contact list filled with people who are willing to help. Although I don’t know where I’ll be in five years, I know I will always have a supportive team at Venn that stands behind me, and that’s the biggest take-away for me.

            -- Ryan MacDonald-Adams



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