Is Your Business A Giant Pumpkin?

Did you know that that the price for the best seeds to grow giant pumpkins starts at around $1800? At just 0.2 g a seed, they’re worth more by weight than gold. Yup. Did you know that the lineage of giant pumpkins can be traced back to Howard Dill from Nova Scotia? That in order to grow a giant pumpkin, you need to plant an Atlantic Canadian seed?

This might seem like an odd introduction to a business blog, but stay with me – believe it or not, pumpkins and business have a lot in common. Let me share some of the things I recently learnt in  Michael Michalowicz’ book, The Pumpkin Plan.


1.       Find your giant seed

Identify your business’ biggest strengths and advantages – this is your “sweet spot” in your industry and market. It’s where the best part of your business meets your best clients. It’s also the part of your business that you can systematize into an easily repeatable process.

2.       Water your seeds

Figure out your position in the market. Sell your product. Refine it. Streamline your processes.

3.       Routinely remove all diseased or damaged pumpkins that will infect or destroy your vine

Just like a pumpkin farmer would remove all of these pumpkins, you need to be doing the same with your business. As you grow, make a roster of all your clients. Identify the ones you love to work with, the clients that give you as much value as you give them. Now, identify the clients that are draining you – of your time, resources and energy (especially the energy vampires). These clients are unnecessarily demanding and take way too much of your attention, leaving less for the clients you love. Now stop serving the latter, so you can create more room for the former.

4.       Keep assessing the vine

You can’t scale a business on clients that are constantly making you bend over backwards, twisting and tweaking to accommodate them at all ungodly hours of the day. So, keep focusing on your ideal clients, removing your less-than promising ones, to build a business on people who truly understand the value of your product. As Michalowicz wrote: “More is not better, people. Better is better […] stop killing yourself for scraps.”

5.       Weed out anything that isn’t a pumpkin plant

Don’t lose focus on “new opportunities” that will just lead you astray. Stay focused on your goals, cultivate your best clients, concentrate on your strengths – and be exceptionally good at them.

6.       Focus your attention on your biggest pumpkins

Nurture your top clients, like you would your vegetable patch. Protect them, find out what else you could do for them, what else they need – their success is your success. If you want to do more business with the clients you love, then you need to do just that: spend more time on them and less on the clients that aren’t serving you. They will feel loved in return, because now they’re not only getting your amazing product, but also the concierge experience you offer. They’ll tell their friends and contacts about you, which will bring you more clients just like them.

7.       Watch your pumpkins (aka your business) grow to mammoth proportions


I hope this blog was helpful, and that you achieve pumpkin-seed level success. If you need any support, feel free to reach out to us or have a look at our growth programming designed to help you drive your business forward.

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