Stacey Stewart: TSI Auto Solutions

TSI Auto Solutions was founded in 2001 because of a need to develop business management software for the automotive industry. This allowed automotive dealerships to submit monthly financial data electronically for the first time with real-time reporting. The TSI core™ solution provides a fully web-based, data-driven, customized software application that collects, cleanses, and transforms financial and non-financial data from a multitude of vendors into a universal format, making it possible to compare results across the complete network in real time.  

Stacey Stewart , Senior Director of Operations at  TSI Auto Solutions

Stacey Stewart, Senior Director of Operations at TSI Auto Solutions


Stacey, how is TSI innovating the automotive industry? 

At TSI, we continue to challenge the status quo and consistently create new product features that increase and improve the user’s experience. Our software automates repetitive tasks and data analytics. We also provide real-time reporting in the form of user-defined business intelligence dashboards. These benefits give our clients a precious commodity: time and peace of mind. 


What is special and unique about TSI?  

TSI is a North American company that occupies more than 70% of the market share in Canada. We leveraged our team’s deep knowledge of the industry and breadth of experience to create a premier automotive SaaS product. Our clients enjoy a dynamic and flexible tool that provides on-demand reporting capabilities. And, in September 2018, we merged with another industry giant, NCM Associates, to form an unbeatable powerhouse to better serve OEMs and their dealer network. 

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