Venn Pride Logo: Inclusion & Diversity Matter

At a time when diversity and inclusion are a growing, and overdue, part of the public and business world discourse, so too is awareness of and support for the rights of the LGBTQ2S+ community. As we mark International Pride Month, it reminds us that so much progress has been made, and yet so much more needs to be done. Prejudice and intolerance remain very real challenges to the realization of full LGBTQ2S+ equality. They are friends and family like everyone else. They are also founders, investors, mentors, employees and customers and their acceptance in society must be without condition. It’s good for community. It’s good for business. Put simply, it’s just good. And it is in this spirit, we are proud to introduce the Venn Pride logo in hopes that “pride” becomes the norm, every day, and intolerance and prejudice can be replaced with respect and compassion.

-- Doug Robertson, CEO & President of Venn Innovation

19_0009_001_Venn Pride logo.jpg