Welcome to the Venn Family

Venn Innovation would like to officially welcome two new members to the team. Two ladies with very different and interesting backgrounds who, both, intriguingly, share the same first name…

Alicia Grayeb is our new Manager of Startup Services. She’ll be leading the next stage of development of our early stage incubation program (fancy talk for our Venn Garage). She’ll also be building on and developing our networks and relationships - all to cultivate tech entrepreneurship in New Brunswick.  Alicia brings a diverse experience working with startups and young entrepreneurs in Mexico, where she helped develop the Young Leaders for the Americas Initiative and provided sustainability training for startup entrepreneurs.  As a project manager, she worked with multinational corporations to bring them on as strategic partners in the development of clean energy and technology solutions to strengthen the incubator and business accelerator program for sustainable enterprises in Mexico. 

Alicia Grayeb.jpg

“I am a firm believer that we all come into this world with a mission: to make a difference. It can be in someone’s life, in a community or maybe even worldwide. My mission is to help as many entrepreneurs as possible achieve success and have a positive impact in their communities. The Venn Garage is the ideal hub to amalgamate my international background with the projects of our entrepreneurs who want to make the Province of New Brunswick an even more diverse and innovative place.”

– Alicia Grayeb


 Alicia Roisman Ismach is our Entrepreneur-in-Residence. Alicia brings a wealth of global experience as a serial fintech entrepreneur and successful startup founder. A member of the Technology Committee of the Electronic Transactions Association, Alicia has been developing solutions for financial institutions and the payments industry for over 15 years.  She was a Co-Director of the Founder Institute in Tel Aviv, and the founder of Founders Café, an international organization of founders, helping each other at informal meet and greet events.

Alicia Ismach.jpg

“Having been involved in startups and entrepreneurship for the last 20 years, I knew that as soon as I moved to New Brunswick I needed to look for the local innovation ecosystem. I am thrilled to have found Venn Innovation and to have met so many talented entrepreneurs and exciting startups in such a short period of time!”

– Alicia Ismach

We’re so excited to work with Alicia Grayeb and Alicia Ismach and have them be part of the team. We also can’t wait to see the dynamic they bring to the Venn Garage, the entrepreneurial ecosystem and the Province. Stay tuned for great things to come.

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