We're very excited to tell you more about this upcoming session! Below is a breakdown of what you can expect:


Training workshop

Participants will be given a one-day training course that introduces the core concepts of intelligence, including intelligence planning and collection. Participants will be provided with a detailed manual that contains many of the forms required for developing intelligence applications and introductory materials. The training will see the first half day focus on understanding the core concepts while the rest of the day will be devoted to helping participants start individual programs for their organization. The training program has been used to develop plans in many different industries and has been used for a multitude of purposes, including creating intelligence plans related to developing joint ventures, attending trade shows, doing competitor profiling and so forth. 

If required, an optional one-on-one follow-up can be scheduled with Dr. Calof the evening of or the day after the workshop.

 Photo by  on  Unsplash

Photo by on Unsplash


Each participating organization/team will be encouraged to continue the development and implementation of their intelligence plan. Dr. Calof will be available for four weeks following the training to provide individual feedback to the participants on their plans.


half-day closing session

In this final session, Dr. Calof will provide feedback on the plans and training based on issues identified during the mentoring phase. The participants will have an opportunity to present their intelligence projects, including plans and interim findings in the first follow up session and results in the final session. Finally, there will be a discussion about the process and what is required to improve the intelligence practice within the companies and in the region.


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