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As a business leader, you’re bombarded by an array of issues and questions, all of which could be critical to your success.

And the ever-growing amount of data available to help you make decisions doesn’t necessarily make things easier.

How do you see through the issues and information so you can focus strategically on what will really make a difference to your organization?

Competitive Intelligence (CI) training gives you tested tools and methods that enable you to:

  • Make strategic decisions with confidence

  • Zero in on the truly crucial issues

  • Ask smarter questions

  • Collect and analyze data relevant to your questions

  • Develop processes for distributing and sharing data-driven insights

  • Anticipate change before it happens


The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.
— Michael Porter, Harvard Business School
Any degree of success will breed complacency. Any degree of complacency will breed failure. Therefore only the paranoid survive.

— Andy Grove, former Intel CEO

Training Opportunities

Our two-stage training enables you to get an efficient CI system up and running in just a few weeks and then build up your knowledge in specific areas of CI.

Stage 1: Make Strategic Decisions with Confidence

Our one-day workshop, led by world-leading expert Jonathan Calof, will launch you on a specific CI mission that’s key to your business strategy. Then, a month of mentoring from Jonathan and local experts will help you use your new CI tools and processes to get tangible results. 

Outcome: Companies will complete a project that they identify as a top priority using frameworks provided. Examples could include, "How do I evaluate this new market?" and "How can I find new customers for my business?". Once complete, the companies are well-positioned to tackle their other current challenges as they will have a repeatable and scalable framework.

Training dates:

  • NB - Next offering to be determined.

  • NL - Next offering to be determined.

  • NS - Next offering to be determined.

  • PEI - Next offering to be determined.

Not having a background in marketing or CI, the course really opened my eyes to the potential of what can be accomplished and the knowledge that can be gained on your competitors and your market by using the proper techniques. I highly recommend this course.
— Chief Technology Officer

Stage 2: Trade Show Intelligence

Tired of low trade show ROI? In this one-day, hands-on training, learn how to make your next show successful by being better than the rest.

Outcome: Companies will tear down an upcoming trade show in their industry, learn the methods to ensure they pick the right shows, and understand how to develop a system for success for every trade show.

Training dates:

  • NB - Next offering to be determined.

  • NL - Next offering to be determined.

  • NS - Next offering to be determined.

  • PEI - Next offering to be determined.

Cost: $230 (tax included) per ticket. 


Stage 2: Win/loss Analysis

You put in a ton of effort for increased sales, but do you know why you're winning or losing? Come find out how to increase your sales up to 50% (Gartner) through win/loss analysis training.

Outcome: Companies will dive into the systems that can be established on how to interview customers and other stakeholders objectively to eliminate friction, barriers and problems in the sales process.

Training dates:

  • NB - Next offering to be determined.

  • NL - Next offering to be determined.

Cost: $230 (tax included) per ticket. 

Stage 2: Just Google It: Getting REAL business questions answered quickly and effectively using the internet and more.

Asking the right questions, finding the right information, and making sense of it can be a significant challenge. Time is money, and we'll teach you how to rock your research.  

Outcome: Companies will learn how to effectively form questions, make search queries, find, analyze and synthesize data to bring together an answer to whatever business challenge they are trying to solve.

Training dates:

  • All Provinces - May 31st (In-person in NB, online to all).

Cost: $57.50 (tax included) per ticket until May 3rd. $113.85 (tax included) after May 3rd.

Stage 2: Winning Body Language to Influence and Persuade

With a highly competitive marketplace and a rapidly diversifying business landscape, superior communication skills will prove more than ever the key to success. In this highly practical and interactive half day session, you will learn the optimal body language techniques that engage, influence and persuade others, motivating them to work and do business with you.

Outcome: In this session, expert Mark Bowden will help you to more accurately assess body language so you can better understand the motivations of others. We will learn how to use and read body language to produce the right atmosphere in the room that will affect the engagement of your audience to add value to every interaction that is going on.

Training dates:

  • Next offering to be determined.

What people are saying

This training has helped me better plan, gather and assess information on the competitive environment, and turn that information into relevant intelligence for our organization. Competitive Intelligence is much more focused and needs driven than general market intelligence; I can see us continuing to use CI to study the competitive landscape and inform future actions.
— Quality Assurance Specialist
The session was fantastic! I felt I understood the basic framework (although there is much to learn!) and most importantly, I could clearly see the need for CI for my company. For us - this is already a game-changer! Thank you so much for offering this program in the Maritimes - it’s worth its weight in gold!
— Chief Executive Officer
Key note was exceptional, made me a believer. The subsequent planning and follow up afterwards has been great as well.
— Senior Product Manager
Having the templates to help organize our ideas and research really helped us to make smarter decisions for the future.
— Chief Executive Officer

Some of our alumni


Want to discuss your strategy, competitive intelligence or business challenges?


Venn's Jonathan Dunnett has worked with global companies in legal, consumer packaged goods, aerospace and defence and many other sectors. He's also been able to work with many companies across Atlantic Canada through this program. 

If you'd like to chat, feel free to connect with Jonathan here. He'd be happy to discuss what's happening in your organization and explore ways that Venn training could help you.



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