Venn market Intelligence

Knowing your market is vital to success in today’s day and age. Our market intelligence (MI) program enables tech and innovation-focused companies that are under $1M in revenue and less than $5M in private investment to gain insights from premium MI resources and services.

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target program

You’re growing and need to connect with your next global customer?   Venn's target program provides financial assistance to export-ready, technology-based SMEs to help them identify and capture qualified leads and grow their business in export markets.
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CDMN soft landing

This program helps mature startups and SMEs gain exposure to opportunities around the globe. The program can be used enter new markets, close international sales, land investment and attract with new partners abroad.
Apply and get approved, and you’ll gain access to up to $4,000 in reimbursable expenses to help with travel and accommodation costs. Need space abroad? The program will also help with workspace costs abroad for co-working space, accelerators or incubators for up to three months.
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CDMN Passport

The CDMN Passport program enables companies to access temporary workspace at no cost from participating CDMN hubs.
Accepted companies can gain short-term use of a physical location and business amenities as available. 

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CDMN Get There

This program provides $2,000 to help support travel costs to aid in securing new business and making connections in Silicon Valley or New York City. Designed for pre-revenue or very early revenue startups, it can provide the support that early-stage companies need to help them get to San Francisco or NYC for the first-time for business.

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