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Here are some of the upcoming training opportunities being offered across Atlantic Canada:

Generating insights to inform strategy

This training is central to helping you understand the core of "what is competitive intelligence?" and what does it mean for your business. This can be useful for many aspects of business strategy, including:

- Informing your innovation strategy

- Product or service strategy and growth

- Understanding a new export market

- Gaining insights into your competitors

- Understanding your current and prospective customers at a deeper level

- Planning future growth


Upcoming sessions:

Newfoundland and Labrador (Genesis Centre, St. John's): 

  • Start date: March 1 (full day)
  • End date: March 29th (half-day)
“Not having a background in marketing or CI, the course really opened my eyes to the potential of what can be accomplished and the knowledge that can be gained on your competitors and your market by using the proper techniques. I highly
recommend this course.”
— Course Participant

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