About InspireNB

“We can’t find the right talent.”  “I can’t find a job in New Brunswick.”  Sound familiar? These statements, expressed by New Brunswick students and employers, are fortunately inaccurate. InspireNB is working to bridge the gap between employers and students and effectively change those statements.

our vision

Our vision is a better engaged workforce who are giving back to their community by doing what they're passionate about and making New Brunswick a better place to live, work, and play. InspireNB focuses on engaging New Brunswick residents in the following ways:

  1. CareerCruising: By leveraging this tool, InspireNB is empowering students and adult job seekers to explore careers with real professionals and employers who are working in New Brunswick.
  2. CareerTalks: Focused on mentorship, this event connects high school students to career professionals for round table discussion designed to stimulate interest in careers within their community, answer questions about “what happens after high school”, and foster inspiration for our next generation to discover their passion and give back to their community.
  3. COMING SOON – We’re always working to address employer needs and have lots of programs in the pipeline.  You can be part of this meaningful change!

Have ideas? Share them with us!  Want to join as a career coach for #CareerTalks or our online discussion boards? Sign up! Are you an educator or parent/guardian and want to join the conversation? Connect with us!  

Want more info? Call: 1(506) 857-8326, email us at info@inspirenb.ca, drop in at 735 Main Street, Suite 201, Moncton, NB, Canada, or connect with us via: Social Channels