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Gone are the days when you could steer your business by the stars.

The world is simply too complex now. You’re navigating rapid change, global competition, and a deluge of data.



Our two-stage training gives you principles and processes you can use to start generating insights right away.


You’ll learn step-by-step methods that will provide you with the critical CI insights you need to make your next move or take your business to the next level.


What you’ll learn

Mastering Competitive Intelligence means adopting both a mindset and specific practices to make your organization intelligence-equipped. You’ll learn how to:

  • Increase your awareness of external factors influencing your business

  • Follow a straightforward process for choosing the right strategic questions to investigate

  • Develop repeatable, scalable approaches for collecting and analyzing information

  • Tap into your personal network and own organization for insights

  • Avoid the paralysis of information overload

  • Reduce your vulnerability to sudden changes in technology, the market and the economy


How you’ll learn

You’ll benefit from highly interactive training sessions that will allow ample time for discussion and practice.

You’ll also find our training personalized to your business needs:

Stage 1

  • We keep our sessions small: only 10 companies per session.

  • We include mentorship and coaching. World-leading expert Jonathan Calof teams up with Venn’s Jonathan Dunnett and other local experts to provide guidance on your schedule for an entire month.

Stage 2

  • Training sessions are limited to 30 people per session to ensure interactivity.

  • Local experts are engaged to help participating companies as applicable.


Who you’ll learn from

Stage 1 facilitator Jonathan Calof is a world-leading expert in Competitive Intelligence who consults with organizations around the world. As professor of International Business and Strategy at the University of Ottawa, Jonathan studies the best ways for organizations to hone their CI. His research has won him several prestigious international awards, including Frost and Sullivan’s award for lifetime achievement in CI.

Stage 2 is delivered by a variety of facilitators; all are experts in their field.


Program structure

Stage 1 training includes a one-day workshop, a month of mentoring, and a wrap-up. We recommend that you complete Stage 1 before proceeding to Stage 2 so that you can benefit fully from the more targeted training sessions

Stage 2 training offers you different sessions to choose from, each one focusing on a specialized aspect of CI. Sessions run for either a half or full day. You can choose the topic that’s most relevant to your current business needs—or sign up for all the sessions so you can be prepared for whatever the future brings.

Program structure


Stage 1 - make strategic decisions with confidence

In this month-long training, Dr. Jonathan Calof will help you start working with Competitive Intelligence practices right away. With his guidance, you’ll answer three critical questions:

Facilitator  Jonathan Calof

Facilitator Jonathan Calof


1. What is competitive intelligence? Competitive intelligence is simply an awareness of forces and factors outside of the organization and how they impact on a business. These are influences such as customers, competitors, market information, supplier behaviour, technology development and others. 


2. What does this mean for my company? All companies are affected by their environment: customers, competitors, technology, markets and more. The first step is understanding what you need to understand.

3. How can I action this? You’ll begin by drafting a plan for tackling one of your key strategic priorities, which will become your project for the next month. With mentoring and coaching, you’ll work through your project from start to success!

You’ll come away from the workshop knowing how to:

  1. Ask the right questions

  2. Locate the information to answer your questions

  3. Analyze and share the information once it has been collected so you can make the right choices.

Training dates:

  • NB - February 4 (full day) / Feb 5 - March 11 (weekly mentorship) / March 12 (half-day wrap-up)

  • NL - Next offering to be determined.

  • NS - Spring 2019

  • PEI - Next offering to be determined.

Ready to take the first step toward a more strategic approach to decision-making? 


Stage 2


trade show

Trade Show Intelligence

How many trade shows have you attended in the last year? Five years?

How many of them were successful? How many of them were the wrong show for you or just didn’t deliver the value you’d expected?

This full-day training program, delivered by a world-leading expert on trade show intelligence, will help you get more from your upcoming tradeshows. You’ll learn how to:

  • Pick the right trade show

  • Identify key contacts to add to your network during the show

  • Note key outcomes that you need from the show and execute a plan to maximize your return on investment

  • Prepare for successful interactions with clients, customers, and competitors who visit your booth

  • Develop an after-show process to maximize your investment of time and money

Jonathan Calof, professor of International Business and Strategy at the University of Ottawa’s Tefler School of Management, will facilitate this hands-on session. You’ll analyze sector-specific shows to help you prepare, practice and immediately apply the skills learned within the workshop.

Training Dates:

  • NB - Next offering to be determined.

  • NL - January 17, 2019

  • NS - March 2019*

  • PEI - Next offering to be determined.


Ready to be successful at your next trade show? Click below to sign up for a session near you!


Trade Show Intelligence in NB is supported by Opportunities New Brunswick

Trade Show Intelligence in NS is supported by Nova Scotia Business Inc.


Win/loss analysis

So many different factors make or break a sale. Price, product, and the relationship with the customer, to name just a few.

win loss calculations

Can you identify exactly what’s getting you wins? Or causing your losses?

A team of subject matter experts from the MaRS market intelligence team can show you how to do just that. Using their structured analytical approach, you could improve your sales revenue by up to 30% and win rates by up to 50% (Source: Gartner).

In this half-day program, you’ll learn how to do conduct win/loss interviews and integrate win/loss analysis into your business operations.

Training Dates:

NB - Spring 2019
NL - March 6, 2019

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Black-belt research skills

“Just Google it!”, right? 

That works for simple questions, like “What’s the weather for today?” But more complex questions demand more sophisticated research approaches.

Google is just one of many tools you can use to access a wide variety of source content, including industry reports, government data, and trade journals. In this half-day program, you’ll learn from expert researchers how to:

  • Ask the right questions

  • Form the right search queries

  • Break down large questions into smaller components

  • Ensure information is valid and real, and not “fake news.”

  • Analyze the information you find

Training Dates:

NB - Spring 2019
NL - March 5, 2019


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Want to discuss your strategy, competitive intelligence or business challenges?


Venn's Jonathan Dunnett has worked with global companies in legal, consumer packaged goods, aerospace and defence and many other sectors. He's also been able to work with many companies across Atlantic Canada through this program. 

If you'd like to chat, feel free to connect with Jonathan here. He'd be happy to discuss what's happening in your organization and explore ways that Venn training could help you.



This program is supported by ACOA.

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