Social Selling for sales professionals


Sales professionals who use social media as part of their disciplined sales process sell more than those who do not. 

Social Selling has dramatically changed the role of the professional salesperson. The marketplace today is highly competitive and ever-changing. Buyers expect more – more information, more expertise and more professionalism. They demand value not only in your products and services but in your relationship with them as well. The emergence of social media sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube amongst others has created an unlevel playing field between those who have adopted social media as part of their disciplined sales process and those who have not.


This workshop, Social Selling Reinvented, will demonstrate the importance to your company’s sales and marketing strategy and will demonstrate the power of the most influential business to business social selling site – LinkedIn. (Also covered to a lesser extent will be Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.) Learn how this powerful tool can be leveraged as part of your company’s consultative sales process to garner information and connection points with your target customers.


Key Courses Benefits

▪ Identify and develop a strategy for Social Selling Success

▪ Learn how to leverage Social Media to grow your business

▪ Increase client penetration, retention and satisfaction

▪ Generate opportunities through a consistent Social Selling process

▪ Convert prospects to “hot ones” more successfully using Social Media

▪ Increase company brand strength through your Social Media

▪ Demonstrate competency and integrity through Social Media


Course Content & Layout

Students will be presented areas and topics to practice from one session to the next and expected to share experiences for group discussion, students will be required to bring their WIFI enabled laptops and have completed all pre-work exercises.


Session #1 – What is Social Selling and Why Should You Care if you are in Sales.

▪ Overview of what Social Selling actually is – common myths debunked

▪ Empirical data supporting the use of Social Selling techniques in modern sales

▪ Social Selling Examples – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

▪ Creating a desire to use Social Media within your organization

Session #2 - Understanding and Managing Your Client Centric Online Profiles

▪ Recognizing that your online actions reflect yourself and the company you represent

▪ Recognizing the most effective times of the day for you to be active in Social Media

▪ Importance of developing and maintaining a professional standard of service, behaviour, and conduct online

▪ Building a Client Centric LinkedIn profile: Profile, picture, summary, keywords, skills list, endorsements and

recommendations, increasing profile strength and profile ranking

▪ Developing security strategy – Privacy settings, connections

▪ LinkedIn Policies to be aware of – Gotcha’s, IDK’s, User Group Restricted Access, and compliance principles


Session #3 – Keep, Find, Close

▪ Understanding the psychology of influence as it relates to Social Selling

▪ Maintaining relationships with existing accounts through the use of Social Media

▪ Developing deeper relationships with existing accounts, (Deeper, Wider, Higher model)

▪ Mastering high-value tools for effective prospecting: steps to effective new business creation and five critical prospecting rules for Social Sellers. Who viewed my profile, people you may know

▪ Developing strategies for effective participation in User Groups, Newsfeed, Company Pages and Following companies and people on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

▪ Alignment with Marketing for company page participation – Discussion around ownership of execution

▪ Use of LinkedIn advanced search filters to help establish and create organizational structures for key accounts

▪ Utilization of Social Selling techniques to facilitate the Consultative Sales Process.

▪ Integration of LinkedIn Social Selling with other Social Media sites


Session #4– Creation, Measurement & Management of your Social Selling Program / Strategy

▪ Creation of closed-loop Social Selling Program

▪ Key Ingredients to create successful Social Selling Programs

▪ Using the S.M.A.R.T. model for developing your Social Selling goals

▪ Determining what metrics we should be measuring to determine the overall effectiveness of our Social Selling activity

▪ Calculating sales Returns on Time Investment (R.O.T.I.) for Online Activity


IMPORTANT: Before the course begins, participants are required to complete the pre-work self-study. Candidates also need to bring a WI-FI enabled laptop, already have an active social media accounts including: LinkedIn, and Twitter. For LinkedIn Account they should ‘preferably’ have signed up for the 1-month free trial of the ‘LinkedIn Sales Navigator Premium Account’.


Who Should Attend This Course?

·        Professionals that want to further penetrate key accounts, develop long-lasting client partnerships, and create more strategic territory plans for better prospecting

·        Key account managers, sales professionals, business-owners/entrepreneurs, sales managers

Date: 24-25 April 2019

Time: 8:30am-5:00pm

Facilitator: Paul Watts, Base Over Apex

Cost: Non-Member pricing - $399 + HST

Early bird pricing for members until March 1st - $349 + HST

Pre-work: The pre-work self-study will be sent to you once you’ve been registered for the training.


**Please note that tickets are not refundable, but they are transferable before March 15th. This training will be presented in English.


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