Target Program

You’re growing and need to connect with your next global customer? Venn's target program provides financial assistance to export-ready, technology-based SMEs to help them identify and capture qualified leads and grow their business in export markets (markets outside of Canada) through the hiring of a consultant or consulting firm.

To be a part of this program, your company must meet the following requirements:

  • SME incorporated in New Brunswick

  • Core business is in the sectors of ICT, medtech, cleantech, biotech, agritech, or bioscience with your own IP.

  • High-growth potential, product-based company (not a service-based business or consulting service)

  • Generated revenue of $250,000 or more in the past 12 months

  • Export ready (export readiness assessment through LearnSphere’s ExportNB portal) technology-based company

Program details:

The program supports to hiring of a consultant or consulting firm for incremental (new work) engagements to help with different activities, including:

·       Design and implement inbound marketing strategies to drive company growth in an export market (those outside of Canada);

·       Provide qualified leads to companies through outbound activities such as list building and lead qualification in export markets

·       Arrange meetings with qualified leads in export markets on behalf of the participating companies

Specific examples of activities could include:

·       List building

·       Lead qualification

·       Pre-qualifying leads

·       Arranging meetings with qualified leads

·       Search Engine Optimization

·       Analytics

·       Conversion Rate Optimization

·       Design of inbound marketing strategy

·       Implementation of inbound marketing strategy

·       Marketing automation software training

Note: The program does not cover software costs. Additionally, costs associated with consultant travel or tradeshow/conference participation are also not covered.

Companies that require assistance in identifying consultants in external markets to assist them with this program are encouraged to connect with representatives at Global Affairs Canada and EDC, both of which have in-depth knowledge of foreign markets and in-market connections in many regions.

Assistance Available:

This program provides up to 65% of eligible costs for projects ranging in value from $7,000 to $20,000 (maximum contribution of $13 000). The company is responsible for paying 35% of the project costs through its own revenue or other sources. Companies are eligible to access this program one time during the pilot program. Proof of payment is required for claims to be processed.

Application & Evaluation

Applications for assistance through this program are made to Venn through completion of an application form and submission of a proposal of the work to be completed, including supporting documentation to demonstrate the expertise of the consultant being engaged. Companies are responsible for identifying and engaging their own consultants to assist them in carrying out the proposed lead generation activities.

The applications will be evaluated by using a scoring system.

Mandatory Reporting

Companies will be surveyed at the beginning of the project to get baseline information on sales and employee numbers. At the completion of the project, companies will be required to report on the number of leads and/or meetings provided by the consultant or resulting from the strategy (in the case of inbound marketing), and any sales closed based on those leads at the time of filing the claim. Companies will be required to respond to a follow-up questionnaire approximately 12 months after the project completion date that will focus on increases in sales in export markets.

Contact Information:

For questions about this program, please contact Jonathan Dunnett at Venn Innovation at 506-857-3877


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