Venn Export Internship Program

Terms and Conditions for Participating Companies

By participating in this program, the company agrees to:

1.       Include export and international business as an integral part of their business strategy;

2.       Demonstrate that they have the commitment desire and means to implement a structured export strategy;

3.       Complete the Export Readiness Assessment housed within the ExportNB portal;

4.       Provide an overview of the supervisor’s experience and a letter of support from the supervisor.  The letter of support should confirm the supervisor’s, and the company’s, commitment to providing a valuable internship experience through training, mentoring and supervising the intern;

5.       Pay the non-refundable $1000 Program Participation fee to Venn within two weeks of being accepted into the Program;

6.       Be responsible for recruiting a qualified intern;

7.       Provide Venn with a copy of the job ad within 2 weeks of selection into the program. Failure to do so may result in a withdrawal of funding at Venn’s discretion;

8.       Provide the resume of the candidate intern, including a letter that demonstrates the candidate’s interest in a career in export and international business, the intern’s expectations for the training period and how they will acquire the training and experience in the sponsoring organization;

9.       Engage a qualified intern for a period of 1 year, providing them with employment opportunities in their field of study, in the Province of New Brunswick;

10.   Allow the intern to apply their learning in a proper and appropriate business environment;

11.   Pay the intern a minimum salary of $40 000.  The Program will contribute $30 000 to the salary costs.  All mandatory employer-related costs and any benefits offered by the company are at the expense of the participating company;

12.   Ensure the employment contract commences on or before April 30, 2018.  Failure to do so may result in the withdrawal of funding at Venn’s discretion;

13.   Applying the Program funding only to regular salaried wages.  Participating companies agree that the funding cannot be used for vacation pay or any type of termination payout;

14.   Submit a detailed workplan for the intern to Venn (see Appendix);

15.   Ensure the intern participates in an eligible training program offered by Venn;

16.   Formally communicate monitoring results to Venn on a quarterly basis through completion of the Intern Progress Report form;

17.   Submit quarterly claims to Venn for processing.  Claim forms will be provided by Venn and must be submitted by the 10th day of the month following the end of the quarter.  Any claims more than 60 days overdue may be rejected at Venn’s discretion;

18.   Notify Venn in a reasonable timeframe of any changes in the intern’s position or status of employment within the company;

19.   Submit the required exit survey with the company’s final reimbursement claim; final claims will not be processed until exit surveys have been completed to the satisfaction of Venn;

20.   Participate in a post-project meeting with Venn and/or ACOA to provide feedback on the program.

By signing and submitting an application to the Venn Export Internship Program, selected companies agree to abide by the above noted terms and conditions.  Failure to meet any of the above noted conditions may nullify this funding agreement.