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We provide our members with access to information, support, and connections needed to get to market. We’re your connection to the local tech community, a navigator for the innovation ecosystem, and an advocate for your interests.

Benefits of Membership

Grow your Network: 
Venn hosts more than 20 events each year that provide the opportunity to build relationships.

Develop your team: 
Access workshops and seminars that are tailored to technology companies or participate in a peer group. Venn members and their employees enjoy free or reduced fee registration to our events.

Connect to Talent: 
Growing companies need access to great talent. Our programs are filling the pipeline to help you find great people when you need them.

Access Experience: 
Mentors and advisors with the right experience may be just what you need to get to the next stage. Let us connect you with our local, national, and international networks.

Access HubSpot For Startups:

Leverage HubSpot’s resources and training as well as their professional software - at startup pricing.

Your business, your employees, you and your family. We offer members and their employees exclusive benefits and insurance through the CDMN TechLife Benefits program.

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Member Pricing:

1 to 10 employees: $200                                                            
11 to 20 employees: $350
21 to 40 employees: 450
41 to 60 employees: $550
61 and up: $650


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