Venn Market Intelligence

Knowing your market is vital to success in today’s day and age. Our market intelligence (MI) program enables tech and innovation-focused companies that are under $1M in revenue and less than $5M in private investment to gain insights from premium MI resources and services.


ICT & Entertainment

Online and mobile apps, Digital Multimedia, Gaming, Hardware, Software, and Telecommunications


Health & Life Sciences

Medical Devices, Therapeutics, Diagnostics and Imaging, Healthcare IT, Agriculture, Foods and Natural Products


Cleantech & Advanced Materials

Renewable Energy, Physical Sciences, Environment, Smart Grid, Advanced Materials, Manufacturing


While the service has limitations (see detailed document for more guidance),  it can often help a startup or emerging company answer key questions. It also enables you to access previously published reports from the sources above. 

Have questions on the program? Download the detailed document for more information.

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