Rather Than Networking, Think About Being Of Service

What value can you provide to benefit someone else?

I have a #BYDN challenge for you: Instead of wondering how to go about “networking” give some consideration to how you can be of service.
Hold the door open for a colleague? Volunteer information? Stop to talk with your neighbor? Recommend or send a business referral? Provide timely feedback? Proofread a resume? Listen to an elevator pitch? Role play a job interview? Speak up for someone, save them a seat or step aside so they can take the lead?
It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture, a small random, unexpected act of service will do.
What act, action, acknowledgment, assistance, advice, courtesy, favor, gesture, guidance, indulgence, mentorship — the list of no-sweat possibilities you can take on, goes on — the choice of how to be of service is entirely up to you.


-- J. Kelly Hoey

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*This blog was taken from Kelly's new book's website, www.buildyourdreamnetwork.com.